Townsend Leather


Trade Show Exhibit

Las Vegas, NV

Trade show exhibit booth with seating and sample racks for Townsend Leather

Empire fabricated new trade show elements to be incorporated into Townsend Leather’s existing 10′ x 30′ exhibit.

The trade show booth has a natural flow from one kiosk to the next, so we worked to create new custom elements that would have a seamless transition from old to new. These new additions were created to add sample display and storage functionality during exhibition. A free standing display kiosk features swiveling fabric wrapped cubes, some left open to accommodate sample storage. Empire also modified an existing kiosk, incorporating new corporate signage. The custom fabric signage brands the booth and brings sight-lines to the highest point within the exhibit. This trade show exhibit was built with versatility in mind, many of the elements can be used separately and still have a big impact on viewers and potential buyers.

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