Rental Walls for

SA Gala – NYC

Revolution Marketing

Rental Gallery Walls

New York City, NY

Curved rental wall with applied vinyl graphics and hanging photo montage

This custom rental wall system was produced for a client who had very specific needs for an event in NYC. This system consists of two curved panels with applied graphics and approximately 290 images. These panels are secured together to create the desired floor plan, in this case each finished wall contains six standard panels and two specialty end caps.

Empire Exhibits is a full service exhibit house and can provide complete project management for all rental projects. For this installation our delivery specialists traveled to the site and did the complete installation in a matter of hours. This custom rental wall system is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to compliment any space! Logistics services and installation and dismantle are available nationwide.

Call Empire today to speak to one of our team members! We are happy to provide estimates and work with you to ensure your event needs are met!

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