Eleanor Roosevelt

National Historic Site

Val-Kill Stone Cottage

Interactive Kiosk & Display Cases

Hyde Park, NY

Custom display cases with acrylic vitrines which display historical items and a jacket at the Eleanor Roosevels Val-Kill Cottage museum permanent installation

Empire Exhibits & Displays, Inc. took the designs from Onoma Designs and created this interactive museum exhibit display.

Empire Exhibits was responsible for concept development, AV tech, design and set up, graphic layouts of the supplied artwork, construction and shop drawings, production management, delivery, and installation for this interactive museum exhibit display. This exhibit is displayed in the entry of the cottage, the living room and the bedroom.

Empire Exhibits manufactured the donor panel in the entry, a custom hanging cable system that displayed photographs and information about Eleanor Roosevelt. A custom projection cabinet was built with a media player to play a video of Eleanor Roosevelt and her family.

In the living room, Empire Exhibits fabricated three custom display cases with three drawers to hold artifacts and graphics. There is a custom flip-book created for one of the display cases and the case has an acrylic bonnet covered drawer with security screws to secure them closed. There is also a custom platform built with a railing and graphics mounted to it. A scrim is hung in the center of the living room to display a graphic. The image is printed on a sheer mesh so it will not act as a divider separating the room. The fourth custom display case in the room features two interactive screens with media drivers and one display case drawer with artifacts in it as well.

In the bedroom, Empire Exhibits made two custom display cases, a custom reading rail with mounted artifacts and graphics, and a custom display case to hold a suit jacket.

You can visit the exhibit in person at: Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site – Val-Kill Stone Cottage 56 Valkill Park Road, Hyde Park, NY 121538

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